How To Recover From Flus And Colds

Herbal products are a gift of nature and work in a holistic way to improve our health and well being. A key difference between herbal products and pharmaceutical is that pharmaceuticals work by modifying a physical condition.

Herbal products, on the other hand are designed to work with the body.

This may be seen as; herbal remedies find a way to tap the natural rhythms of the body, something that makes the entire body work together.

In essence, herbal products have centuries of history associated with their use. They form a part of all prevalent medication systems, and the world is now waking up afresh to the magic of herbs and herbal remedies.

An herbal medicine could be a very effective for treatment of any given disorder. This makes it a fine alternative to go for. Yet another very singular point about herbal treatments is that these are often free from all side effects. Even if the side effects are there, these are likely to be very mild. This nullifies the possibility of an adverse reaction to a great extent.

Herbal products and medications are preferred because their effects are invariably more holistic. These are 100% natural, supple with nutrients and work towards nurturing our bodies. There are even occasions wherein herbal products could be used without a prescription.

Let’s run through some of the key herbs which allow one to recover from colds and flus.


Nettle leaf is so effective for healing from colds and flus that some doctors recommend it as the only herb required for treatment of the ailment. This is owing to a large amount of minerals and trace elements which are present in the herb. These allow the body to stay hydrated and remove toxins.

One of the best ways to use nettle leaf for treatment of colds and flus is by using it in tea with red raspberry leaf, Alfalfa and peppermint.


If consumed in a capsule form, ginger can allow one to get over nausea and vomiting which are associated with flu. Alternately, ginger is a fine remedy for high fever and headaches.

If one has been suffering from sinus symptoms and congestion, one should go for ginger tea made from fresh ginger root steeped in boiling water.


Chamomile is very effective, in particular for kids. The herb works towards calming the nerves, enables kids to sleep better and also allows one to overcome inflammation or fever. This is also effective for regulating hormones and keeps the skin soft and smooth.

Yet another advantage of chamomile is that it is easy to make kids consume the herb, simply because this tastes great. The herb very often forms an ingredient of tea and tincture recipes.


Peppermint works effectively for letting one overcome digestive discrepancies and also reducing fever. This is renowned for its anti viral and anti bacterial properties.

When one is suffering from colds and flus, peppermint can be consumed as hot tea or cold tea in any amounts.

Your Neck Injury May Be Causing Your Concussion Symptoms

I will never forget something that happened when I first began my chiropractic practice over 30 years ago.

It began when a young man named Arthur entered my office. Arthur was the very first patient I treated who came to me as a result of injuries he suffered from an auto accident. Four months earlier he had been knocked unconscious due to a traumatic automobile collision. He was taken by ambulance to an emergency room where he regained consciousness and was soon well enough to be released. Following this he began to have symptoms typical of accident trauma, developing neck pain, back pain and headaches.

However, what I remember most about Arthur was that he said: “I don’t feel like I’m firing on all cylinders.” I wasn’t sure what he meant until he explained further. He was finishing his PhD and would soon be starting medical school at Johns Hopkins. Obviously, he was brilliant but following the accident he didn’t feel that he could mentally concentrate, study or focus normally. That helped me understand why he wasn’t “firing on all cylinders.”

Arthur had suffered a concussion. 85% of concussions will be better in 7 to 10 days. If symptoms persist, as in the case of the remaining 15% (and Arthur) it is called Post Concussion Syndrome.

Interestingly however, studies reveal damage to the neck also occurs during a head injury, playing a major role in Post Concussion Syndrome.

I’ve come across this many times in practice. The good news for Arthur was that after having chiropractic treatment he was back “firing on all cylinders” and performing normally.

Let’s investigate this further.

Many symptoms of both concussion and upper neck injuries such as whiplash are similar. Those injured may have headaches, lightheadedness, nausea, concentration problems and fatigue.

It has been determined in research studies that damage to the neck also occurs during a head injury. In fact studies reveal that it is practically impossible to have a concussion without also injuring the neck. Some researchers are linking both the brain injury and the neck injury and terming it “Cervicogenic Post Concussion Syndrome.” Cervicogenic means “from the neck.”

When undergoing treatment for this type of problem it is not only important to treat the concussion through ongoing brain rest but it is also vital to have possible injury of the upper neck evaluated properly so that this potentially important anatomical area is not missed.

Chiropractors are healthcare specialists that are trained to examine and treat upper neck problems that occur from trauma that one would find in sports and in accidents like whiplash.

Published studies show that chiropractic management of patients with Cervicogenic Post Concussion Syndrome result in rapid and sustained improvement of signs and symptoms, allowing the patient to return to full recovery.

All patients suffering from Cervicogenic Post Concussion Syndrome should be evaluated by a chiropractor for cervical spine evaluation and treatment.

How To Break Unhealthy Habits

When you decide to start making some healthy changes and living a healthier lifestyle, it can feel quite overwhelming to overhaul your entire life. And a lot of the time, that keeps people from making any changes at all. It’s overwhelming because it completely shifts your normal routine around.

Here are a few practical ways to get over that hurdle…

Find the root of your unhealthy habits. Most bad habits started in one way or another, so it’s time to dig deep and find the cause of your bad habit. Maybe you notice that you always binge on chocolate as soon as you’re experiencing stress at work. Finding these triggers and eliminating the triggers themselves is like taking the fast track to sustainable, lasting change. Write a list of your triggers and bring awareness to your situation.

Replace your unhealthy habits with healthy ones. This tip will help you ditch your bad habits while you build the good ones. If you’d like to ditch that nightly glass (or 3) of wine because your sleep is suffering and the pounds are packing on, find something healthy to replace it with. Exchange that wine for a healthy sleepy-time tea, and enjoy better sleep as well. This also goes for reaching for a large bowl of snacks at night, try replacing it with veggies and hummus or a bowl of fruit.

When it comes to both breaking and building habits, it’s important that you take things slow. Completely quitting refined sugar cold turkey might work for some, but for most of us, it will result in a relapse and possibly a binge. You can better decide to cut one sugary meal or snack from your life each week and slowly decrease your sugar intake. The same goes for healthy habits, don’t start with wanting to work-out twice a day, start with once or twice a week and build up from there.

Remember not to be too hard on yourself, nobody is perfect, and you certainly don’t have to be. A small setback might cause you to give up your goal altogether but don’t let one mistake break all the progress that you made. The all or nothing approach simply does not work. Be patient with yourself and be proud of yourself. While you’re using these tips to break old habits and build new ones, it still won’t be easy, but it will finally stick this time. And, you’re worth it!

Understanding Naturopathic Medicine

Naturopathic medicine is a branch of medicine that makes use of natural remedies to help the body to heal itself. The practice makes use of different therapies including: exercise, acupuncture, massage, herbs and nutritional healing.

The aim of this type of medicine is to treat the entire person. This means that it targets the body, mind, and spirit. The cool thing is that the technique not only heals the symptoms, it also aims at treating the causes of an illness.

Benefits of naturopathic medicine

In addition to the benefits mentioned above, there are plenty of other benefits that come with this type of treatment. They include:

Preventing diseases: The conventional medicine aims at treating a condition. With naturopathy, you are not only able to treat a condition, but you are also able to prevent the condition from coming about in the future. As mentioned above, the condition aids in fixing the causes of the condition. Since the cause is fixed, it can’t come about later in life.

Overall excellent health: As mentioned above, the technique aims at healing the body, spirit, and mind. As a consequence, you have an overall great life. The naturopath you visit undertakes some tests and help you choose the right foods to eat that will help you have an excellent life.

Cost effective: If you have had a significant condition you will agree with me that conventional treatment options are expensive. Regardless of the condition you have, naturopathy is cheaper. This saves you a lot of money especially if you are operating on a budget.

Customized treatment plans: Unlike in conventional medicine where all the people are given the same medication, naturopathy recognizes that everyone is different. Due to this, the naturopathic doctor tailor makes your treatment depending on your diet, lifestyle, or genetics.

How naturopathic medicine works

The first thing you need to do is find a doctor who is experienced enough and will guide you in giving you the perfect overall health. When you visit the doctor, he/she will examine you for 1-2 hours. During the examination, the professional will ask questions about your medical history, lifestyle habits, and stress levels.

After the doctor has concluded, he/she will come up with a set of recommendations. He will advise you on the best exercises to engage in, what you eat, and if stressed, the stress management tips to put in place. In some cases, the professional might use complementary medicine such as homeopathy, acupuncture, and herbal medicine.

Things to note about the treatment option

The most attractive thing about this treatment option is that you can use it to treat a wide range of conditions such as allergies, fertility issues, obesity, chronic pain, digestive problems, chronic fatigue syndrome, and headaches. You might find some doctors who can treat all of them and others that specialize in one. As you might have guessed, you should visit a doctor who concentrates on one line as he/she is more knowledgeable.

Are You Afraid of Holistic or Alternative Health Methods?

The truth is that some are people are afraid of utilizing holistic or alternative health methods and consider these natural approaches as something close to “voodoo”. They avoid anything that isn’t recommended by their Medical Doctor for fear they might go against that doctors belief. Most doctors don’t agree with using alternative methods instead of telling you that they just don’t know anything about them or have any education in them.

A “holistic approach” to health means to properly nurture and supply nourishment to your “whole” Body, Mind & Spirit. Medicine is Science & Evidence Based and Holistic or Alternative is “Whole Being” based. It takes years & lots of money to get something approved medically. It’s funny that Alternative processes used by thousands for hundreds of years aren’t acknowledged. They may be significant in other countries but not recognized by the young United States Medical System. There is more attention paid to Acupuncture, Massage, Chiropractic & Nutrition in the past few years but it still is still considered as Complementary. What that means for us is that we have to become more proactive in our desire to stay healthy. We need to pay attention to what is and isn’t right with us and investigate ways to improve ourselves. Don’t you want to be the best you that you can be?

Do not be afraid to improve all aspects of your Holistic life. Start with any area of Mind, Body & Spirit.

Mind: explore guided imagery, visualization techniques, prayer, art therapy, dream boards, or even just writing your goals for every area of your life. Read, Listen to music, use subliminal music, write in journals, expand your mind. Learn to meditate. Ask yourself every night before going to sleep “What do I need to know?” Try a weekend “silent” retreat. Develop a whole new viewpoint about yourself & your life. Start doing something every morning and evening to keep yourself on a positive path.

Spirit: Connect to that ‘Higher” part of yourself. Practice Forgiveness, Prayer, Meditation and learn to “Let go” and feel Love unconditionally. Get unstuck with something like Reiki Healing. Find Your Comfort & Your Path. Staying Stuck gets you nowhere!

Body: My Favorite – Nutrition and learning how your choices affect not just your body but your mind and your spirit. Even if you deal with Fatigue, Chronic Pain, Stress, Auto Immune disorders of any kind, there are vitamins, minerals & herbs that can help you replenish. Try not to live your life stuck on expensive trial & error drugs that offer so many side effects and in some cases don’t even fix the problem. Sometimes the supplements can work side by side with your medications offering help with side effect complications and in some cases, reducing amounts needed. Find someone capable to guide you.

If you didn’t already know it, you are made up of Nutrients and your body relies on you to replenish those nutrient stores from healthy sources when they are low. When we become lax in taking care of our physical body or just think we have plenty of time in our lives before how we are treating it will actually affect us, we end up with problems that we try to ignore. We consume lots of caffeine to motivate us. Sugar & Starches to get quick energy fixes & processed foods for convenience. We have force fed our adrenals, consumed very little of value and become dehydrated. Then there is “stress” in our lives that we pretend does not affect us. We get depressed and unhappy with our lives, overwhelmed and heavy hearted. Our digestive system starts screaming at us or causing us to bloat, have pain, nausea, flatulence, constipation or diarrhea. Our bodies try to get our attention any way it can. We blame it on our foods and some of it is that but first there is all the stress you are causing it mentally, physically & emotionally. We go to the gym and work out really hard, maybe too hard and kick more of that adrenaline into gear. We are stuck in a vicious cycle. We think we are being proactive by exercising but, wait, there is more to your personal story. You worry about your children, elder parents, careers, friends, what to wear, how the bills are going to get paid and can you make it home on time to get the children off the bus.

Don’t be afraid to explore Holistic or Alternative Healing Avenues. Not all are equal. Some are strange but if you don’t feel comfortable, try someone else. Do the same with your medical professionals. If you don’t feel heard or helped, find another. You have to become your own advocate. Your doctor is not there to tell you what supplements to take, they are there to use evidence based approaches not ones that come with successful testimonials. Find an Alternative or Holistic Coach to help you determine your preventive or complementary program. You deserve all the help you can get. There are so many preventative things to help yourself.

Make your goal to not end up like the generations before you. Don’t be stuck with multiple medications that aren’t working. It is okay to say you need something else less invasive or debilitating. If you don’t ask, they don’t know. Alternative & Holistic Healing is available to enhance whatever direction you take. It can work with Medicine if you let it. Supplements are food based and unless you told to stay away from foods, you could supplement.

Sometimes when someone fears Alternative or Holistic Healing Practices, it just means that they don’t have enough information to fully understand what it is or what it can do specifically for them. I urge you to get inquisitive. Check out different places and try something easy and simple like an 30 Minute Ionic Detox Foot Bath Session. Get started, You just might find you like how it makes you feel. Relax, Rejuvenate, Improve and Feel Great!

Marge has coached hundreds of clients, like you, to successfully lose weight over the last 30 years with her passion for educating in the balance of life, diet and use of supplements. Mental, physical and emotional energy takes consistent fuel that we burn up daily. Helping you understand the symptoms of your body is a number one priority. Marge is the Pioneer and Guru in the Rochester, NY area of nutrition and the Founder of Professional Nutrition Services of Rochester, Inc. Her dedication to helping you Feel Great and Look Great has brought people seeking here guidance from all areas of the world.

How Chiropractic Inspired Me to Become a Chiropractor

My first experience with a chiropractor was as an 11-year old en route to hockey practice. My friend’s Mom was going in for her bi-weekly adjustment and asked if my friend and I would like to come in and watch. I thought, “Sure! It’s got to be better than sitting in the car”. I watched the Doctor use his hands to do these things he called adjustments. My friend’s Mom got up from the adjustment and said, “Ahhh, that was amazing!”

I thought “WOW! That was cool!” So, I asked his Mom what just happened. She explained that she had chronic pain for years and finally decided to go see a chiropractor. After she started going, it helped her with the chronic pain. She felt so good and energetic that she was now going for maintenance care.

I said to her,” I want to do this when I grow up”. She asked why and I remember saying, “Well I always wanted to work with my hands and help people, and this seems like a good way to do both. I had just witnessed this awesome experience and I thought maybe I should look into this chiropractor thing Here was the interesting thing. I had decided that I wanted to become a chiropractor even though I had never experienced chiropractic care.

That all changed a few years later when my mother began to suffer from chronic migraines. She had been tested by many doctors, but no one could seem to help. The headaches were getting worse and now interfering with family time. My mother was at the end of her rope! Then a friend suggested my Mom see a chiropractor. She was willing to try anything at this point.

My Mom had a check-up and the doctor told her that he might be able to help. I was there when my Mom received her first adjustment and over time her headaches became less painful and then less frequent. I remember for a while my mother was missing family functions because her headaches where always affecting her. So, when I witnessed the transformation in her health, I REALLY decided that chiropractic was what I wanted to do. That’s also when my mother decided that I was going to be under chiropractic care and I received my first adjustment.

So, I set forth in my studies to pursue this dream. I studied Kinesiology and then worked as a personal trainer using all this knowledge to help me get into chiropractic school. And now here I am entering my second decade as a chiropractor.

I am living my dream and doing what I love to do – using my hands, knowledge and experience to help people.

Understanding And Overcoming Asthma

Asthma is one of the most aggravating diseases that humans may suffer. It involves the very breath of life. One of the characteristic features of this disorder is that between attacks the victim may appear and feel as normal as anyone else and yet in a very short time may be in an attack so severe as to cause him to wish for the end of life.

Asthma is a paroxysmal difficulty of breathing resulting from sudden spasm of the bronchial tubes or their minute branches, or sudden swelling of the mucous membrane of these tubes. What produces the hypersensitiveness of the respiratory membrane, which is necessary to the production of asthma, may be difficult to determine. It is associated, however, with heart disease (cardiac asthma), kidney disease (renal asthma) or some outside irritant (hay asthma), or from minor causes. A protein sensitization often underlies the condition. Bronchial, nervous or essential asthma is a form for which a leading cause cannot be discovered, though usually there has been inherited a neurotic temperament.

The symptoms of asthma are comparatively similar in the majority of cases. The spasmodic attacks come on suddenly, but without regularity as a rule. Any condition which gives rise to excitation of the nervous system may cause the attacks. Sometimes these paroxysms develop more gradually and are preceded by a sensation of oppression in the chest or frequent or increased urination or a belching of gas, etc. When the attack comes on, breathing is very difficult, particularly the exhalation of each breath. In severe cases the patients often sit with elbows on a chair or desk or table or stand with the elbows elevated by some object in order to be able to use to the fullest all of the auxiliary muscles of breathing.

In these severe attacks the lips become blue and the cheeks pale, the nostrils are dilated and the eyes bulged and the entire facial expression is one of anxiety. The pulse is rapid and the perspiration is copious. The breathing is not rapid, but is difficult and wheezing. There is a sensation as if one is being choked or smothered. Often it is necessary to open a window, or to sit in the open window to secure all the fresh air possible. There often is a cough, which may continue for quite some time before any matter is brought up for expectoration. This matter is tenacious and stringy.

The attacks may subside gradually, but often pass quite suddenly. Their duration may be a few minutes only or many hours. They may be repeated every night or quite frequently or not for several weeks or even for several months. Irritating vapor or fumes or a damp atmosphere may help produce or prolong an attack. Attacks frequently come on at night.

Hay asthma is quite different from the ordinary varieties. It is excited by such irritating substances as plant pollen, dust, animal emanations and such. The first symptom resembles an acute catarrh of the respiratory passages, which causes sufficient swelling of the mucous membrane to interfere with breathing.

Asthma primarily is a nervous disease, but when continued for many years in a severe form the patient may become gaunt, sallow and hollow checked, and the chest may become deformed.

Treatment. This is another constitutional disease, hence must have constitutional treatment. Because of the underlying neurotic or highly nervous temperament this condition may respond less readily than do many other diseases, but there have been numerous cases where all symptoms have disappeared permanently. Numerous factors may be necessary in the treatment, but diet will be the first factor in most instances. In any case it will be necessary to build up the nervous energy and to detoxicate as completely as possible.

The most reliable treatment is an absolute fast, which if necessary may continue for as long as twenty, thirty or more days, depending upon the patient’s weight, strength and energy. After the fast or in cases where the fast cannot be used the citrus fruits, particularly the grapefruit, will be of very great benefit. This fruit particularly seems to aid in clearing the bronchial tubes of accumulated mucus and in bringing new mucus-forming elements to the tubes by the blood-stream.

After the fast or fruit diet the milk diet may be used with considerable benefit by a great many patients, particularly those who are below normal in weight and those whose nervous energy seems much below normal. But in a fair percentage of cases this diet seems to disagree. Temporarily it does tend to cause the throwing off of mucus, through its effect in speeding up the circulation, alkalinizing the system and aiding in throwing out waste products. But this eliminative effect is so pronounced occasionally that the patient’s breathing is interfered with to such an extent that another diet may have to be considered.

There is no specific diet for treating this disease, but a great many cases do well with two or three light meals a day of the simplest combinations of fruits, vegetables, whole-grain cereals and milk. The whole grain cereals preferably should be in the form of dry toast. This diet should include citrus fruits, berries and melons, but white sugar should be rigidly avoided and brown sugars should be used sparingly, and all of the fruits and berries should be used wholly unsweetened.

It is necessary that asthmatics live as nearly as possible out of doors. Not only must their lungs receive an abundance of fresh air, but they must be lightly enough dressed that the entire body is air-bathed regularly. However, it is important that they avoid chilling. Warmth of the body is important to prevent an internal congestion that may light up or aggravate an attack. Clothing should be loose at all points – no constriction even of the extremities being permissible.

Between attacks moderate exercises will be very beneficial. No specific exercises are required, but all active sports that the patient can indulge in or general setting-up exercises that involve deep breathing and the arm and chest muscles should be used. Spinal compresses and massage and spinal manipulations, particularly those in the nature of osteopathic treatments, will be of great benefit in many of these cases. Many attacks of asthma cm be checked or shortened by properly given packs or manipulations. Packs over the front of the chest, over the upper half of the back, or the cross-chest pack over the shoulders and involving the entire rib area, may be used with great relief and benefit. These cross-chest packs should be applied cold and covered thoroughly with dry flannel. Heat by any continuous means to the upper spine or the upper chest will give relief as a rule. The drinking of an abundance of hot water is relaxing and often will help to abort or shorten an attack. Inhalation of steam from a tea-kettle by the use of a suitable funnel may be of help in relieving the spasms.

In many cases it is necessary to avoid cold applications until considerable general improvement has been secured. Many attacks have been produced by cold applied to the chest or upper back, and yet some of the best ultimate results have been obtained where this treatment has been employed. Much depends upon one’s individual response to such treatment. If it can be used without starting an attack it can be considered a very beneficial type of treatment. The electric cabinet bath relieves very quickly in many cases because of its sweat-producing, relaxing effect. It should be followed by a tepid shower or sponge, terminated by the cold shower or sponge if possible.

The use of vapors for the specific effect of quieting an attack of asthma should be avoided if possible, also the injection of adrenalin chloride. These remedies for the attacks have no effect upon the underlying conditions and often interfere with the progress of the case under natural treatment. However, there are attacks so severe or patients in such an exhausted condition that such relief is preferable to a continuation of the attack when any natural procedure will not give the desired relief. Adrenalin is an internal secretion production, hence is not wholly foreign to the body and may be considered much better than the leaves and powders that arc used by burning.

As invaluable for their palliative effect as these remedies are in relieving acute attacks, constitutional treatment as outlined is vitally important and must be depended upon if a permanent cure is to be established. In a great many cases all that is required is the proper diet and adequate elimination, with improved skin activity. It is necessary also that the patient should cultivate relaxation, not only physical but mental and emotional. This will help a great deal in preventing attacks, and during an attack. If the patient can secure mental relaxation much will be done towards hastening the termination of the attack.

Dealing With Headaches

Who in the world has not suffered from the glitches of headaches? A headache is defined simply as a pain, which could occur in any area inside the head. They are sometimes felt at both sides of the head, while sometimes the headache is restricted to a single zone of the head. It may happens that a wave of pain emerges from a single point in the head and get spread across the whole head.

Headaches can be felt in the following ways:

· A sharp, piercing pain.

· Dull, persistent and throbbing sensation.

· A gradual or sudden pain.

· Pain lasting from minutes to hours

Causes of Headaches:
A headache is not a pathology; rather it is a symptom manifesting the psychological or physiological pathologies. There could be a hundred f reasons behind a simple head ache but broadly headaches are divided into two main categories. They are:

Tension -oriented headaches:
Seventy percent of the population suffered from tension oriented headaches. This is common in both male and females; however adult’s especially elderly people are more prone to such type of headaches.

The muscles of head and neck contract intensely with a painful stimulus. The causes for such a muscle contraction includes

· Stress

· Fatigue

· Pre and post -menopausal hormonal changes

· Eye sight overload

· Nicotine addiction

· Alcohol addiction

· Over stimulation of sensory nerve like via loud noise, intense lightings

This type of headache results from any significant stress, however, constant fatigue will lead to chronic headaches persisting for longer durations.

Migraine: About twenty percent of the population is suffering from Migraine. The underlying cause of migraine is still unknown. Migraine can be defined as an unbearable pain at a side of the head with over all feeling of illness. Nausea, vomiting and intolerance of lights and sounds are the typical symptoms of migraines. The factors triggering the migraine associated headaches involve:

· Female hormonal imbalance

· Nicotine and alcohol usage

· Genetic factors

· Extensive muscle stretching or stress

· Insomnia

· Other lifestyle irregularities

· Use of oral contraceptives

Some foods also enhance the migraine pain intensely. Common dietary elements leading to migraine are:

1. Chocolate,

2. Dry fruits

3. Fermented condiments,

4. Tyramine containing compounds like aged cheese or smoked fish

5. Preservatives and artificial sweetener containing diets

The chemicals from the above food groups are either trigger the migraine pain or the cravings for such food are responsible for this tender

Remedies to Treat Headaches:

Finger pressures:
Exerting pressure on the pressure points like where the bones of your thumb or the index finger connects help to reduce pains of all categories. It’s amazing that the harder you put the pressure from the finger on your head, the more you feel comfortable and your pain is gone.

Towing hair:
Slowly pick some hair over your nape and pull it then continue pulling more hair in your fist closer to the scalp. Use both the fists to pull a bunch of hair. Pull for three seconds and then release the pressure, continue the process until you reach the forehead. Then repeat the procedure at the back of the ear. This procedure will ease the pain for at least ten minutes.

The Temperature Gradients:
You can treat the headaches by hot or cold techniques. If you are considering for a warm solution, take a hot bath or use hot water bottle to massage your head, you can use heating pads either, On the contrary if you need some cold remedies, put some ice packs on your head, you can use frozen vegetables as packs on skin to lower your headache and nourish your skin simultaneously.

Work outs as alternative healing has been found very effective in reducing muscular or skeletal pains. Here also stretch work outs can help you to get rid of the head ache fast. The most functional types of stretches include

· Neck movements like chin forward, upward, and revolving toward each shoulder

· Shrugging the shoulders up, forward, up and back

· Press your palm on your forehead and hold for a while then press the palm on each side of the head this technique is known as neck isometrics

A twenty minutes, twice a day workout will be enough to get rid of headaches and perform these exercise by alternative holding and releasing the stretch for five minutes each and a single stretch is repeated two to three times per session.

Foot Bath:
It might sound ridiculous that foot bathing will relief the headache but it works; a hot water basin in which your feet are immersed for a suitable length of time will draw blood flow to the lower portion of your body, thus releasing the tension in your forehead blood vessels.

Oxygen is vital for life and this oxygen will help in reducing headaches. Deep breathing can help you get rid of the head ache; you can exhale or inhale with deep breaths few times a day. An authentic medical research has proven evidences that regular aerobic exercises can reduce migraines and other form of headaches. These exercises include swimming, cycling or a simple few miles walk.

When you are in deep thought or in a meditative state you are not feeling any pain. Your mind is totally focused at a point and you couldn’t be distracted further. However, the significant relation of meditation on relieving pain is not established.

Rubbing your feet relaxes your body and relieves the pain. The pressure points, all over your sole will trigger the pain zones to reduce the stress. Children are treated more effectively through such technique. You can rub your feet yourself or can ask somebody to give your feet a slightly pressured massage.

Dietary and Aromatic Home Remedies:

Peppermint tea:
Peppermint tea is the most effective home remedy to eliminate headaches. A cup of peppermint tea relieves the migraine, effectively. Moreover, you can press the used peppermint tea bags, at the site of the pain to get an instantaneous relief from the cool and soothing aroma of the peppermint tea.

Lavender oil:
Lavender oil is an essential oil. Few drops of lavender oil in a cup of boiling water will release the steam full of lavender aroma which soothes the headaches. Massage the oil on the forehead. This oil is not used orally.

Drinking caffeine lowers the swelling of blood vessels which helps to cure headaches. Withdrawal of caffeine is one of the causes of headache. Drink a cup of tea or coffee if you are feeling pain in your forehead.

Cinnamon and Sugar:
A good home treatment for curing headache is cinnamon and sugar solution. Take some bits of cinnamon and ground it to a powder. take a cup of boiling water and add this cinnamon powder with two teaspoon sugar. boiling water will release the ingredients from cinnamon and sugar into the air. Sniff the fumes to lessen the sinus oriented and stress based headache, pour this cinnamon sugar solution into an air tight zip locked bag. Hold against the pain spot and press gently to remove the pain

Fish Oil:
it is said that ingestion of omega 3 fatty acids will reduce inflammation, lowers the blood pressure and inhibits blood from clotting; this overall physiology will eventually exert less stress on the head and treat headaches.

Apple and Apple Cider Vinegar:
Both apple and apple cider vinegar balance the body pH. And thus relieves the tense headaches, even aroma from green apple reduces the headaches. Add four table spoon apple cider vinegar in a cup of boiling water and smell the scent.

Ginger root is a miraculous home treatment as it has potent therapeutic effects. ginger root acts by inhibiting the Prostaglandin synthesis in the body thus reducing the pain upshot.

Take three to four quarter sized ginger root slices and add them in a cup of water. let it simmers for half an hour. Keep the cup closed to retain the flavor. Drink this amazing solution for prompt relief.